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confessions of a donnie wahlberg [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
animals are not fabric

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MELBOURNE: ZBGC workshop July 3rd 2011 [Jun. 20th, 2011|05:39 pm]
animals are not fabric
Hi folks,

Just spreading the word...


Negotiating sex & relationships with sex and gender diverse people

Are you interested in the issues around negotiating sex and
relationships with partners & lovers and sex & gender diverse people?

Zoe Belle Gender Centre is running this workshop specifically for
people of all genders and sexual identities interested in these
topics. And you don’t specifically have to be in a relationship to
attend. With psychologist Vikki Sinnott facilitating this safe and supportive
space, you’ll be able to raise any issues around sex and relationships
with sex and gender diverse people.

Whatever your personal, sexual or gender identity, you are welcome to
attend this workshop.

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Melbourne: Still Fierce! x-posted [Apr. 30th, 2011|02:12 pm]
animals are not fabric
Hi folks,

Just spreading the word re the newly formed Still Fierce Melbourne crew.




This is an introductory letter from Still Fierce! Melbourne, a newly formed collective of intersex, sex and/or gender diverse people and our allies and supporters. We are writing to you to say hi, and to let you know what projects and events we are working on and to invite you to participate in our collective or in our events, or both, or to voice our interest in networking with your organization!

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*** DUDE magazine: launching Friday 18th of February in Melbourne - x posted [Jan. 31st, 2011|09:28 pm]
animals are not fabric

DUDE Magazine to be launched Friday 18th February 2011 in Melbourne, Australia. DUDE is a not for profit, creative resource designed to celebrate positive representation of trans guys and to share skills and knowledge within our wider community.

DUDE has been made possible by submissions from a wide span of people across the transmasculine spectrum and endeavours to be diverse in its understanding of gender, sexuality, desire and masculinity.

DUDE will be distributed throughout Australia and be available internationally. Please contact ashpike AT riseup.net for distribition enquiries.

The launch will be held at Melbourne’s Hares and Hyenas which is located at 63 Johnston Street, Fitzroy, 3065. 7.30pm.

www.dudemagazine.wordpress.com - Editor: Jez - Phone: 0425 539 99 - Email: coltbaxter81 AT gmail.com
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Melbourne: All The Lovers - x-posted [Oct. 28th, 2010|08:19 pm]
animals are not fabric
Join Zoe Belle Gender Centre on Friday 19 November for All the Lovers, a social event for lovers and significant others of trans folk. All are welcome, regardless of relationship status, sexuality or gender!

Polly Cocktail Bar - 401 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Australia
7pm for Lovers and/or Significant others. 9pm Trans* folk
All are welcome regardless of relationship status, sexuality or gender.

Please feel free to contact us at info@gendercentre.com if you have any questions.

NB: ZBGC would like to acknowledge that we were unable to locate a suitable fully accessible venue for the All the Lovers event after a number of great venues with fully accessible and gender neutral bathrooms have closed their doors over the last 12 months. Polly is accessible but the bathroom is regretably not. We have located the nearest fully accessible public toilet at the corner of Kerr and Smith Streets in Collingwood. However, Red Tongue Cafe (just down the road at 275 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy) have always in our experience allowed those who need to use the bathroom to use theirs, as they understand that fully accessible bathrooms are extremely lacking in the area. You can check out other accessible bathrooms in the area by visiting www.toilart.org.

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old school bowling alley... [Aug. 23rd, 2010|03:22 pm]
animals are not fabric
dear lj,

is there an old school 50's/60's bowling alley in melbourne or am i totally dreaming?


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ten things... [Aug. 9th, 2010|11:41 pm]
animals are not fabric
1. i passed stats and did heaps well in epidemiology, this semester ive just got one subject and its project management and evaluation so im heaps excited about that. i finally feel like i am getting through my masters!

2. that surgeon i was excited about didnt come through, i recieved a call the day before the appointment from the office saying that he was unable to see me and that i had to go to monash instead. i said that i didnt think that was correct, that i had a referral from a gp and that id be really keen to come in and have an appointment to discuss things further. i was told the surgeon wouldnt see me. it was all pretty fucked. im sitting on it for now but will follow it up later and fight for informed consent.

3. i had jaw surgery at the end of june, its getting heaps better but apparently it will take up to 9 months to know how well it has worked but its feeling ok, not 100% but definitely better than it was. its nice to not have to take half a pack of pain killers a day to subdue the headaches!

4. im looking for a new job... have applied for 4 jobs all kinda diversity/social inclusion stuff some training and program based and others policy based. things have gone insane with our committee, all centreing upon them refusing to come to the table and discuss an EBA, the final straw being threats of amalgamation (again, this happened 2 years ago as well) so instead of waiting around to see what happens im excited about the next chapter. stay tuned...

5. ZBGC stuff is coming along and it feels like things are heading in a good direction.

6. i feel simultaneously amazing and good about gender stuff and also overwhelmingly isolated at the same time. the ongoing battle of feeling like a lone ranger here sometimes re not being on t.

7. we are finally working on the garden and the house is looking good. just waiting for my tax return so i can buy new couches and get rid of these horrible things so this is good news for those of you who sit in our lounge room.. the end is near.

8. all i want to do is go camping, im so excited about winter leaving us and getting out into the open air again. am excited about crazy weekends away with a bunch of people melb cup weekend too.

9. i need to get my bike fixed, just before my jaw really got fucked i snapped the brakes somehow, but now that im not dizzy and blurry eyed im excited about getting back on my bike again. yay. let me know if you are up for bike rides and picnics and shit.

10. typecasting is amazing. jack shepherd's dr dad is currently confusing the shit out of and im not sure if he is a ghost or not. we are half way through the last season of lost.
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Zoe Belle Gender Centre website launch and progress update [Aug. 9th, 2010|01:40 pm]
animals are not fabric
Hi folks

Please see below re details for the ZBGC website launch and progress update! Hope to see you there and please feel free to spread the word!





Zoe Belle Gender Centre (ZBGC) is launching your new virtual gender centre at gendercentre.com and the ZBGC logo. Celebrate with us and get an update on our progress towards establishing a gender centre for Victoria.

Sunday 29 August, 3pm - Radio Bar & Cafe @ 79 Gertrude St, Fitzroy

Light snacks provided. Gender neutral toilets on-site.

RSVP preferred for catering purposes. RSVP by Wednesday 25 August to contact@gendercentre.com or ph 03 9660 3990 (voicemail)

ZBGC's website resources are funded by a grant from Gay & Lesbian Organisation of Business & Enterprise
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(no subject) [Jun. 28th, 2010|03:25 pm]
animals are not fabric
i had jaw surgery four days ago, its painful but really i dont think i can complain since my life has consisted of sleeping, watching dvds, eating custard and lots of morphine since then. emilia has converted the lounge room into a mini hospital and is taking such good care of me.

i feel pretty good though, despite the pain im in at the moment its released some pressure in my ears which is exciting, so i feel positive that once it heals i will notice a big difference so thats exciting!

i have an appointment with the surgeon on thursday to find out how it went so that will be good. cause all i know now is that they did the arthroscopy on both sides, that they found arthritis and also a couple of bone spurs on my jaw joint (which they shaved off which is why im in more pain than expected). so it will be good to find out how it went and what the specialist has to say etc.

anyways i havent updated for a while but i hope yas are all doing good!
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Australia: ZBGC callout for directory listings - x-posted [May. 15th, 2010|08:18 am]
animals are not fabric
FYI and please pass onto your networks. A PDF flyer is available if anyone wants it feel free to leave your email in a comment and I will email it to you.





Health, activism, law and much more... Zoe Belle Gender Centre (ZBGC) is creating an online Resources Directory!

Now live at ZBGC's website, this searchable, Australia-wide directory will include local practitioners, groups and organisations that are of interest to the sex and gender diverse community.

We are now calling for listings from practitioners, groups and organisations for the directory. Listings are FREE. Community groups, medical services, activist groups, gyms, housing services, legal services, counsellors, clubs, etc... if your group/service is of interest to trans* and gender variant people, we need it in our directory!

To get listed in the directory, simply take a few minutes to fill in the form at:


This much-needed directory will be invaluable to trans* and trans*-connected people throughout Australia, so let’s create the most comprehensive directory we can!

Further queries to:
Zoe Belle Gender Centre
03 9660 3990 (voicemail)

This project is funded by a grant from Gay and Lesbian Organisation of Business and Enterprise
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adelaide vegan goodness [Feb. 25th, 2010|10:52 am]
animals are not fabric
hi folks

im heading to adelaide tomorrow for the weekend but have no idea re delicious vegan secrets so thought id ask here in case anyone had any recommendations on places to check out whilst im there?

cheers all,

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